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Pool and Spa Construction Process

Dolphin Pools takes pride in our Construction Process. Click the video below to view our step by step process



Pool Building Process

At Dolphin Pools, we believe that knowledge is important when educating yourself about pool construction. That’s why we have provided a step by step overview of each phase of construction from the ground up. Please keep in mind that every pool and spa project will vary and the following information offers a brief synopsis of each phase that occurs during the construction of your pool or spa.


Meeting and exceeding your expectations is one of Dolphin’s most important tasks and our primary goal is to build you the pool and/ or spa of your dreams. We accomplish this by ensuring that each phase of your pool or spa construction moves along smoothly through a process Dolphin has refined since 1984. Our team in the Dolphin Pools Construction Department strives to coordinate and communicate the schedule of each phase of construction with our homeowners, but there is that occasion when construction moves along at such a pace that construction activity happens prior to that communication.

For that, we apologize in advance, but we hope that you see this as a positive sign that the construction of your pool or spa is moving along efficiently.


Before Construction begins, the Layout of your pool or spa must be done. We send out our Layout team to paint and pin the actual shape of your pool or spa onto the ground which will be used as a guide by the excavators. He has all the specifics on pool size, location, and measurements in Cad form which came directly from your pool design contract and drawing. Once the layout is complete, a pre-construction meeting will be scheduled with you and your Dolphin Superintendent for approval of the pool outline and position. Although changes can be made at this time, we would like you to know beforehand, that this will cause a delay in your construction process and possible additional charges, depending on the changes requested.


Dolphin Pools has highly experienced excavators to “dig” your swimming pool or spa. The crews are experts in their field, trained for efficiency and safety. Typically, your pool will be excavated in one to two days, depending on the soil conditions they may encounter.


Dolphin Pools designs and installs hydraulics that will ensure years of trouble free enjoyment with minimal maintenance to the homeowner. Once the excavation phase has been completed, our team of expert plumbers will be scheduled to install the plumbing lines and pool equipment. Dolphin Pools has designed your system to be easy to operate, low maintenance and energy efficient, while also providing a pool of sparkling clean water.


If your pool or spa has any gas appliances, gas lines will be installed at this time by our highly experienced and certified gas company.


Following the plumbing phase will be rebar. A steel frame is installed inside the pool which will reinforce and strengthen the shotcrete shell of your swimming pool. Our rebar company is a leader in their industry, with a team of experienced, hard working, thorough and efficient employees.


Installation of electric lines follows the steel / rebar phase. The electrical conduit will run from your home breaker box to the pool or spa equipment location and PVC conduit will run from your pool or spa light to your equipment location. Most lines will run underground unless it has been pre-determined as an attic run. In these instances, we usually request the homeowner to be home. The first City Inspection will be called for once the Electric phase has been completed. Our electricians are skilled experts in their field and have an unsurpassed reputation in the Valley.


Once the electric phase is complete and the city inspection has been done, we will order the shotcrete phase of your pool. Shotcrete is the concrete shell of your pool.


Our experienced shotcrete company blends a special mix of shotcrete which is then “shot” into the pool under high pressure through hoses. This phase will require participation of the homeowner for the process of “water curing”. In order for your concrete shell to cure properly, it will need to be kept moist during the course of the day. Your Dolphin Superintendent will make sure you understand what needs to be done.


Your pool or spa will need a few days to “water cure” the shotcrete shell, but following the shotcrete comes some of the accent features you may have chosen for your pool or spa.


Accent boulders and water features may take a few days depending on size and numbers, but other hardscapes, including fireplaces, BBQ’s etc may take longer depending on the complexities involved in their installation. Our hardscape companies do an incredible job, and their work is like artistry in motion.


The decking schedules will vary depending on the type of decking you have chosen. Acrylic decking may take up to 3 days depending on the size of the deck, but decking involving flagstone, travertine, pavers or other stone features could take up to several weeks as they are more labor intensive. Your Dolphin Scheduler or Superintendent will be able to provide you with a more accurate time frame on the latter. The choices of deck are many, but this phase is one of the most visible features on your pool or spa, and it will be very exciting for you to see this process through to completion. It will really transform your backyard, and give you a glimpse of the backyard oasis to come.


The tile selection you chose will be installed around the perimeter of the pool or spa. If any tile mosaics or step tiles have been chosen, they may be installed at a later date. The tile phase will be followed by a clean up of all pool and spa construction debris. Our tile crews do amazing work and bring the “first” touch of color to your pool or spa.


The final phase before water goes into the pool or spa, is installation of the interior you have chosen. Like decking and tile choices, your interior possibilities are many. Once the chosen interior has been installed, the pool or spa will begin filling with water and your backyard will be transformed into a vacation spot without leaving home!


Have your bathing suit ready because at this point, you are ready to make a splash! A meeting will be set up with you to provide instructions on how to work and maintain your pool.

Swim safe and Enjoy!!!